Feeling Grateful.


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I’ve been spending sometime thinking and reflecting. I am so incredible grateful for my family and friends. The random texts or calls I get checking to see if I’m okay. End of last year (after my graduation) I distanced myself from a lot of people but with the constant love and care I am starting to feel more like my old self. 



Filmed a very fun video with my friend from college, Sara! Make sure to subscribe, like and comment. Let me know if you enjoy these kind of videos. I am way to much fun filming and editing this. 

Know Your Worth Then Add Tax


Sweater - Primark  | Jeans - H&M | Shoes - Converse | Highlighter - Fenty Beauty 

Self Love. Two very simple words but put together can be very complicated in practice. I am extremely blessed to have a family that never made me feel “less than”. If anything they pour too much love and affection into me (just kidding there is no such thing as too much love). Especially my mother, the way she raised (and to be honest is still raising) my brother and I was incredible. She never made my brother and I feel like we were competing for love or attention. I never felt because I am a girl, I am any different from my brother. She drilled into us the mentality that we are a team. It is us against the world and till this day that holds true. Putting aside the external love I received and continue to receive, self love is something I learned on my own because that’s the only way to practice it. Growing up, I was VERY insecure about my height. For the longest time, I was the tallest person in my class. That’s right. I did not say tallest girl. I said person even including the teacher sometimes. I did not want to stand out and be noticed. I was a little shy when I was younger and my height did not help with that whole not-standing-out-thing. 

This insecurity followed me all the way until my sophomore year in college. I can not tell the exact moment, I stopped caring about my height but it was a gradual process. I learned to stop fighting the things, I can not control and embrace them. Own them. Love them. Self love to me is being your own cheerleader. Do not look for validation outside. That is the worst thing you can do because once that outside source of love is gone you will feel empty. But one source of love that is constant is YOU. Think about it for a second. Outside love can come from a partner (what if you break up) or from a family member (what if they pass away). Although, when your first source of love comes from you. There will be an endless supply. You will always have you whether you like it or not. One thing, I know for sure is I got me, myself and I for eternity… so I better be my own number one fan.  

Rain Or Shine The Shoot Must Go On

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Jacket - My Closet etc. | Top - c/o Zaful (here) | Jeans - H&M | Shoes - Target | Earrings - Lashes By Stacy

Today, I got dressed to run some errands and film a YouTube video. Then I walked outside to meet the pouring rain. Of course. Just my luck. Regardless, I whipped out my camera and took these pictures. Today’s outfit is a fun one. I love the bold colors to brighten up such a gloomy day. This super cool jacket is from a vintage online store called My Closet etc. and I had the opportunity to meet the amazing founder behind the brand. Nikka (the founder) and her mum hosted an event last weekend. There was a pop-up store showcasing some of the beautiful pieces from My Closet etc. and I “mistakenly” bought two items (oops). Well.. three things if you include her book she wrote with her mum. I’m already a couple pages in and it is really good. I’m saving it for my trip to Miami in April. Let me know what you think of today’s look? I highly recommend shopping vintage because you find the most one of a kind pieces! Shopping vintage is not only a great way to make your style more unique it also helps the environment and reduce retail waste. I love clothing that can take me back in time. This jacket and the vibrant color combination make me feel like I'm in the 90s about to attend the biggest block party in Oakland. Like I am about to jam out to some Salt-N-Pepa or Public Enemy. The concept that fashion can evoke feelings or emotions is marvelous and I always get those feelings when I shop vintage or a go thrifting.   


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