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Life Update

It’s been a while since I wrote an old school “What’s happening in my life” kind of post. I mostly write these posts for myself to look back on in the future. This may sounds narcissistic but I go back and read my older blog posts. It is a great way to see where I was in various moments of my life. I see my blog as a dairy that is why I can get very possessive about it and hardly have guest writers or posts. Anyways… back to the whole “life update” thing. I am not sure where to start but the most recent news is that I have moved into my own apartment. Yay!!! There are so many random things that I was not aware off that went into getting my own place. I plan to do a YouTube video on it because I feel a lot of these “adult things” need to be taught in school or discussed more frequently. Things like taxes, credit scores, lease agreements, applying for health care and so much other adult things I had to figure out myself. 

My mum is currently in Atlanta with me. She leaves back from Nigeria this week and it has been amazing having her around. My brother had surgery due to a football related injury and it has been hard for him but like always he is keeping a positive attitude and it is nice having my mum around to take care of him (even though he prefers doing things himself). My brother and I are both very similar when it comes to asking for help. We do not like being a burden so asking for help is never really our first option. Currently he is has to wear a protective boot for his foot and is using a medical scoter to move around. His amazing girlfriend has also been super supportive and helpful through out the whole process. During his surgery last month we spent most of our time in the waiting room watching Netflix and we saw To All The Boys I ever Loved. Which is amazing btw! If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend. 

This blog post doesn’t really have a structure. I just writing whatever is coming into my head. Oh! I should probably talk about my job. So, that is going really well, I have a big marketing presentation coming up and I am a little nervous about but I know it is going to go well. I also want to film a video about getting a job after college and my overall experience with life after college. I also want to be a little more open about how I am dealing with the loosing my Dad last December. It weird because I am doing pretty good in the grand scheme of things but when my emotions hit they hit hard and in full force. I am not goof about talking about my negative feelings and I am considering starting therapy. Now, that I have health insurance it will be A LOT cheaper but that is something I want to do beginning of next year and not right now. 

What else do people talk about in life update posts? I guess I could talk about my love life… umm... well…. fineeeee. Here we go. So, in the past I used to shut down any chance of a relationship (which I still kind of do) but now that Atlanta is going to be my home for the foreseeable future I am not closing the door to being in a relationship. I guess that is a good way of putting it? Anyways… I am going to leave finish this off my giving future Feyi some advice, “Enjoy the present. Don’t let your ambitious stop you from being proud of yourself and how far you have come. You are probably thing there is still so much you want to do but enjoy what you have already done.”

Goodbye Summer.


Saying goodbye to pool days and ice cream sundaes. Who am I kidding? I am still going to get ice cream sundaes. I was born during the summer therefore I am a summer baby although my heart lies in autumn. I am in love with sweater weather. When it is socially expectable to wear  a denim skirt with a wooly jumper or shorts with a leather jacket. It is the perfect in-between weather. I sweat a little more than the average 23 year old woman. Is that TMI? So, the summer heat is not my friend when I am trying to look “cute”. During the summer, I end up wearing a baggy t shirt and running shorts (not the most “fashion blogger” aesthetic). My style suffers during the hotter months. Now, that we are stepping into Fall I could not be happier! To be honest… the temperature is not going to drop in Atlanta until Thanksgiving but I have time to plan my outfits and I am excited.

Long Cardigan - Amazon | Dress - Forever 21 | Bag - Thrifted | Slides - Target  

Is Atlanta The Next Los Angeles?


I would like to call myself an Atlanta native but that would be a lie. I was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I have lived in Malaysia and Qatar. Although, I spent most my high school years in Georgia. Now, I am back after 4 years in college and currently working in Atlanta. I am in a creative field of work in a tech/IT space and I gravitate towards the arts. Now that I am living and working in the city, I have a better appreciation for Atlanta. I took her for granted when I was in high school.    

Here is why I think Atlanta is going to be the next Los Angeles. We all know that Atlanta sets trends and adds tremendously to pop culture. Numerous artists were discovered in Atlanta, movies like Black Panther were filmed in Atlanta. Galleries like WISH gallery and High Museum of Art are bringing curated and intriguing artwork and exhibits to the city by incredible artists from across the country and the world. I think a key part to Atlanta’s move towards being one of the biggest economic capitals in America is the shift towards the creative industry. This city is already known for being home to huge multibillion dollar companies such as Delta and Coca Cola. Now, I am seeing there is more value in the creative industry such has film production, art design, music, photography and fashion. As someone who is captivated by the creative industry, I can feel and see the shift happening. Simple elements like the increase of rent and property value. The popularity of events such as art exhibitions, poetry shows or concerts. I am not sure if I am noticing these changes because I am getting older therefore I am more aware or there truly is a change happening. 

I would like to say, “LA is overrated,” but that would be a lie. Los Angeles for the foreseeable future will always be a creative hub for the entertainment industry. Although, I am seeing a lot of LA’s success and work spilling over to Atlanta. It is cheaper to create content in Atlanta. Something as miscellaneous but crucial as renting a space to shoot a video is extremely cheaper compared to Los Angeles or New York. Besides the logistics of the city, the vibe of the city and her people spark creatively and innovation. As someone who recently graduated from college and started my first “real job” three months ago, Atlanta is the perfect city to get started. For the longest time, I was aiming to move to New York or Chicago. Now, I am understanding that the same opportunities are here in Atlanta and the cost of living is drastically cheaper. Atlanta’s growth is rapid and I’m excited to see her thrive.   

Cute Top Or Swimwear? Why Not Both?

Swimsuit - Dluxeshop

I love when one piece of clothing can be worn in multiple ways and that is what this swimsuit does. It can take you from grabbing brunch by the beach to diving into the water.  When it comes to swimwear I do not like very revealing clothing. I wouldn’t say I am the most modest dresser but I find so much beauty and class in modesty. So, I like to take that touch of modesty into my swimwear. I am obsessed with this bandeau swim top from dluxeshop. Maybe it is all in my head but I think the blue and white strips give a “slimming” effect. I haven’t been working out as much as before so I know I didn’t lose weight. So, I am going to give the credit of how I look in these photos to this bandeau top.

In collaboration with Dluxeshop