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Summer Inspiration: Mood Board


I have not done one of these posts in a long time. I used to love scrolling through Tumblr finding pictures that inspire me to try new things with my style or in my life. I think I’m going to bring these kind of posts back. I’m very excited for this summer. I am some trips planned (and still planning) some are work related trips and some are personal. So, I am looking for some inspiration for this new season. I hope these images inspire you too. Enjoy!


Images via Tumblr. I do not own these images.

Lunch With The Girls


There’s nothing I love more than French pastries. Why are to delicious things also super bad for you? A few days ago, I went out to drab coffee with the girls. It is nice to take my lunch break out of the office. I am one of those people that can has lunch at their desk. As long as I have my laptop, I don’t really care where I am eating. Although, I want to start making it a weekly thing were I drab lunch with my friends that also work in the city. It was nice talking to people rather than staring at my laptop screen. We also took some outfit photos because…. Why not? I also want to start sharing my office outfits. I am a firm believer that your clothes don't have to be boring because you work in an office. I am lucky cause my job is not super strict with office wear but it is still quite traditional because we have to show a cooperate and formal persona. I am more of a trousers girl but from time to time I wear skirts. I love this skirt because of the print and I paired it with my red pointed heels to give the outfit that pop of color.

What do you guys think? Do all office wear have to be boring to be professional?

A post shared by Feyi A (@marvelingmind) on
A post shared by Feyi A (@marvelingmind) on

3 Secrets That Will Make You Love Waking Up Bright And Early


Here’s the thing. I hate waking up early but I’m a morning person. I know. It doesn’t make sense. I love mornings because the sun is just rising, it is not too bright, the temperature is cool, everything seems fresh and new. I just hate waking up early if I have to be productive right away. There is nothing more relaxing than waking up in the morning and just lying in bed with no immediate tasks to carry out. That’s why I’m going to share some of my secrets to fall in love with mornings.

1) Have a yummy breakfast in mind before you go to bed. If I have time, I will prep my meals before hand. Food makes me happy. Whoever said food is for survival and not for enjoyment was not seasoning their food properly. If I go to bed knowing I’m going to wake up to something delicious, I am more inclined to wake up early because I am excited to eat.

2) Plan your outfit the night before. If you are into fashion then you know the excitement you get when you wear a bomb-ass outfit. Sometimes, I am more excited to wear an outfit than the event I am dressing up for. Knowing I am about to "kill the game" in an amazing outfit (as superficial as that sounds) is a reason I am pumped to wake up early.

3) Set more than one alarm. I always have 4-5 alarms to start my day. If I have to be somewhere at 10 am. I set my first alarm at 7:30am but I don’t get out of bed until 8:15am. I realized the reason a lot of us hate waking up early is because of the immediate rush to get up and get ready. I find those few minutes before you are fully awake very magical. To be half in a dream-like state and half in reality is beautiful. So, why rush that process? Set an alarm to first wake up, then set an alarm to actually get out of bed then several more after that. I have an alarm for when I should hop in the shower, then when I should do my make up, then when I should grab my laptop and finally an alarm to get out of the house and hit the road. 

If you are a morning person, what tricks and tips help make mornings fun for you?  

Saying Goodbye To Endless Summer Nights

Top - H&M | Jeans - FashionNova | Boots - Bjorndal | Bag - Nigeria 

I am a summer baby. I was born 6th of June, so I thrive under the sun. My favorite season is autumn but I’ve noticed I’m a lot more productive and driven during the summer. This will be my first year not having summer vacation. I recently graduated from college and I’ve started my new job (which I will talk more about later… maybe a different blog post), so the concept of sleeping late and waking up in the middle of the day does not apply to me anymore. I am fully an adult now… well kinda. I’m laughing at myself while written this. Even though, I have only been employed for less than two weeks I can already tell that not having summer vacation is going to be a struggle for me. My weekends are crazy busy because all my socializing is pushed to Saturdays and Sundays. Don’t get me wrong, I really like what I do and there are a lot of benefits to having a job. Duhhh! That’s why everyone spends tons of money on education to get a good job. Although, I am saying goodbye to endless summer nights and sleeping in. 

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