Ben Howard


I love how his voice is sort of rusty and not completely even it is beautifully imbalanced yet graceful.
His song 'the fear' relates to my fear of living high school and going to college. Different people have different ways to interpet songs to their lives but 'the fear' relates to my situation more than anything now.  

Key Lyrics From "The Fear"
"I been worryin' that my time is a little unclear 
I been worryin' that I'm losing the one's I hold dear 
I been worryin' that we all live our lives in the confines of fear"

My time is a little unclear because graduation is getting closer and I feel I don't have much time with my friends. Time is running out and I don't know when it will all  be over

I'm losing the one's I hold dear is correct because I may not see half of these people in school again or if I see them again things would have changed and it will not be the same. I am not losing them in the sense of death or failed friendship. I am losing our routine and what is normal to us. Going to the mall, hanging out, watching movies in the dorm. Staying up late in the weekends and just talking.

And most importantly I been worryin' because it will all the over soon and The Fear of starting anew is overwhelming the joy it will bring. The Fear of losing what I am used to is not letting me joy what I have while its still there. 

Books Turned Into Movies!


I have read both books 'The Host By Stephenie Meyer' & 'The Mortal Instruments Series By Cassandra Clare'. I am very excited for the movies to come out. Has we all know books to movies can be very accurate like the 'Harry Potter Series' or not as accurate like the 'Twilight Series'. Although I highly doubt this would happen with these books, I an super excited for the movies. My fandoms are coming to life.

Matt Corby


I first heard his song 'Brother' on tumblr 2011 christmas then I was on a quest to find who this artist was. I searched and searched and searched the lyrics then finally I found it. He is a 22 year old Australian. I don't have a lot of information on him but I know he is an Amazing musician and his music is pure and soulful.

Songs I Have Been Loving


Mummy & I


International Friendships

Living in different countries and meeting new and unique people has changed me for the better! I would have not known about Swedish House Mafia if not for these two. The word "fan" in Swedish is a great way to express frustration or just  to swear hahaa.

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