Fav Football Moment!


When I saved a PK causing us to win the game and all my teammates ran unto the field to give me a hug!

International Love!


My friends and I with flags of countries we are from and places we have been to but not all the places. (That will take to long lol)

Bucket List 1


Things I need to do or will try to do before I die. Places I need to go as well. I will keep updating it as time goes on.

1st Seen On Tumblr: The Idea Of Beauty Is Different For Everyone


I saw this and I could not stop thinking about the message. Different cultures have their own idea of beauty and so do we as individuals. It is almost amusing to me that a particular society can give one thing the label of "Beautiful" and the other "Ugly"where as in another place it could be the opposite.



Only way to understand what I am going to say is to press play. 

I do not know much about this artist but what I do know is that I love his music. The way he collects sounds and tunes then puts them into a systematic rhythm to create captivating music.

I first heard his song "Your Girl" when I was strolling down on my Tumblr. I searched and then I found his SoundCloud page.  ---> AWESOMENESS!

His sound is hard to explain but I will try. It is soft techno dance music and it plays with eerie sounds and I love it!


My Prom Date & I

Well Prom is this weekend and I know I should be excited but I dont really have any feelings towards it. I know I will defiantly have fun but the way most people talk about it like its a life changing event.

What is Prom anyways? Does anyone really know what that word means? Oh well... I know it will be fun and the theme for my prom is Great Gatsby and I have read the book and I loved it. So it will not completely suck.

There is also a remake of the Great Gatsby movie and it comes out this summer. I have watched the older version for english class and it was wonderful although this new one will have better effects and all that high techie stuff we all love. HD ALL THE WAY!

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