Hanging out with the Beatles (Sculpture) 

Top ~ Charlotte Russe
Shorts ~ Forever 21
Shoes ~ Payless
Earrings ~ ???
Watch ~ Casio

Songs I've Been Loving


A Day Out In Houston


In Houston my cousins, brother and I went to see these huge sculptures. There were sculptures of presidents, The Beatles and a 'we heart Houston"sign. It is pretty cool and incredible how a single person can make these. Although we where in the hot sun it was still a great outing. We also went to the football stadium to check out the store but we did not buy anything (cause it was way too expensive).

Looking For Alaska ~ John Green


White Cheetah.


Nails ~ Paint The Town 260
Scarf/Headband ~ H&M
Shirt ~ Walmart
Belt ~ H&M
Shorts ~ H&M
Watch ~ Casio

Songs I've Been Loving


Pool/Beach Bag


Bag ~ Target

I got this bag a while back. I think last summer? Anyways its been true to me and it carries whatever I need. When ever I go to the pool this is the bag I use it fits my towel, sunglasses, books, phone and others. The 'I <3 NY' is something I just added myself. I got it from New York if you could not tell by the pin. lol

Our Morning Talks


Every morning I eat my cereal while I read and go on my phone. Sometimes my brother and I hang out and have "deep talks". When he gets back from practice with his team we talk about important stuff to absolute rubbish. We joke about things only we find funny, most people just think we are weird. I am very close to my brother and I think I am blessed to have this fool in my life hahaa.

Book:  City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5)
I am obsessed with 'The Mortal Instruments' Saga. I am currently on the 5th book and I can't wait for the movie of the 1st book to come out August 21, 2013! Here's the trailer.

My Favorite Sports Drink


I really like Gatorade because the taste is not too strong and I can always find it everywhere. Its really huge in the U.S. but not in the other places I have lived or been. I also love their new commercial it is really inspiring to push yourself and always go for "one more". 

Arrogant Elders

They tell us to behave
When we act to think twice
Our minds cannot be their slaves 
Think for you, be wise 

Listen! Lisiten for fulfillment

Listen! Listen for what is right, Just
Speak! Speak without judgement 
Speak! Speak with trust

They tell use how to act 

Although they do not do
They tell us fact
That is not true

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

A little bit of my poetry, hope you like. 

Maybelline NY Color Show Collection


I noticed I have accumulated a lot of the Maybelline NY nail polishes. I think its because I feel Maybelline is one of the best drug store brands for beauty products. It takes a while to dry but with the right topcoat it dries fast and looks flawless. You can find them at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, pretty much any drug store or convenience store.  

Wish List ✿


  1. Neon Stripe French Terry Pullover            ~~~
  2. Contrast Neon Athletic Shorts                    ~~~
  3. 3D Floral Phone Case                                   ~~~
  4. Medium Impact - Crisscross Sports Bra    ~~~
  5. Women's Running Capris                            ~~~
  6. Easy Jean                                                        ~~~
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Run Away With Me?


Shoes ~ Nike
Tank ~ H&M (SHM WOOHOO!)
Shorts ~ Walmart

Summer Fitness Routine + Motivation


I changed my iPhone wallpaper to keep me motivated... it kinda works haha a

I go running almost every day for about 30 minutes then I do the workout in the video and 10 squats. I am doing this to improve my fitness and health. I like the way I look I just want to better myself.

Things That Annoy Me!


Mazzi Maz is one of the many youtubers I love & I agree with this video 110% times infinity.

The First Time (2012)


I love  from 'Teen Wolf' and when I watched this movie I loved him even more. Its the normal boy and girl meet, go through some stuff then fall in love. I was laughing through the whole movie. You can watch the whole thing here with the ^^^putlocker video^^^

Haiti Flashback!


Our dirty hands from painting homes. It was a long and tiring job but seeing the smiles of the families made it all worth it. Even though we had that barrier of language between us... a smile is universal.

Found this video about Mission Of Hope, Haiti which the organization that my friend Maria and I went to and stayed on their camp to help and become more aware. This video shows what Maria and I did but through another group of people.

My video from the experience and how Haiti really made me think away from the privileged  life I have been given. I wish I could do more not just for Haiti but places just like or even worst. 

Its mostly pictures and short clips. 

Pink... Really?


  • Brand: She Makeup
  • 0.5 fl oz.
  • Colour: NL011 Guava

I am not really the kind of girl to wear pink nail polish but I got this has a gift and I decided to try it out. I actually like how it looks. It will not be my first choice nail polish but once in a while I will use it.

Songs I Have Been Loving


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