Past Saturday: Music Festival


This past saturday I went to a music festival that happened on my campus. It was not very big and small music groups from all over the world played their music. It was a lovely cultural experience and it was amazing to be surrounded by the people, art and music. There were a lot of pets and I got to hang out with a little puppy. She was the cutest thing. 

Autumn Wish List


New iPhone Case


I really like clouds and the sky it reminds me of travel and the possibilities it brings. My new phone case is from eBay and I really like it. It is not too good for protection but its alright. I like the design with the triangle its very creative. I got it from here. I am also loving the new iOS 7 it makes everything easy to get to. 

Chilly Days

Chilly Days

Something I would wear to be comfy during those chilly days and I love Golden Oreos & Peace Tea! Yum!

Yes or YES?


Just one of those days were Liam Hemsworth's face makes everything better. Its been raining a lot and all I have are rain boots so I'm still getting a bit wet but I'll be fine.

Here's a little Hunger Games flashback interview

New In: Rain Boots


Boots ~ Payless
Socks ~ Target

Its been raining a lot this past week and one time I was walking back from class and the rain soaked me from head to toe. My books, clothes and shoes were completely covered with water but my laptop survived. That's when I went online and ordered some rain boots and these shoes can also help me in the winter if it snows. 



I thought this day would never come but finally its here! Its been a long week of assignments, essays and in-class speeches but I am done and ready for the weekend. I still have to write a social studies essay this weekend but ohhh well. I got some frozen yogurt to start off my relaxed weekend, Yummm!

Daily Shots

  • Dinner w/ friends, Morning run, Sunset, Cookie... Yum!, Candy is always the answer, Mustache boredom  

Apple - iOS 7


I am very excited about this. I saw a picture of the new software on tumblr and I thought it was a joke or something. Thats why I was amazed to find out it is a real thing. I think it comes out Sept 18 but I could be wrong. 

More Info 



I normally don't like silver as much as gold but I am starting to have a change of heart. I still adore gold but I am warming up to silver. I also like finding ways to mix and match the two metals. Its a hard combination to mix but it looks unique. 

September Already?


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