A collection of my outfits from the past couple of weeks. 



H&M, I Will Always Love You


H&M is one of my favorite stores and I can safely say it is number one on my list. I am loving the new collection for winter/fall and Christmas. Check out the website: H&M
                                                                                     Picture From Tumblr

Weekend Recap


Its been a pretty calming weekend. Friday I did some school work, Saturday meet up with a friend and watched a live performance that incorporated African American culture and history. During that same show there was an AZONTO performance and it was amazing to have seen a popular West African dance done by people of all walks of life. It reminded me a little of home which is always refreshing. As for today I did my homework and I am still trying to finish up most of it. 

Now I'm planning for the long school week ahead and hoping for another blissful weekend. 



From her exhilarating music to her impeccable style Solange Knowles will always be one of my top icons. Her style changes and varies although she has a vintage 60's african feel to her clothing. She using bold colours in ways I could never imagine and mixing odd prints that seem to work beautifully. She is also an inspiration to me in the way she lives her life. She takes part in political demonstrations and she voices her opinions in an intellectual manner. 

random shots of my shoes & drinks...


I've been loving this song by Hoodie Allen. ^^^

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