Christmas Eve

I spent most of today doing some last minute Christmas shopping with my mum and brother. The truth is I hate shopping for others beside myself, which makes me sound like a terrible person. Although seeing how happy people are when they receive a gift makes me happy. Shopping in general gives me a headache thats why I prefer to shop online in the comfort of my bed. Right now I am watching Home Alone 2 with my brother and cousin while drinking some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. If that doesn't say Christmas then I don't know what does. Although I'm still not feeling the full "Christmas Spirit" but I think once you pass a certain age things that used to easily excite you wear off. My little cousins that are four and three are very excited for Christmas and an example is how they laugh and giggle whenever we put on the christmas tree lights or play christmas music. Sometimes I wish I can go back to that age when the littlest things could make me happy.  

Traveling From My POV

Yesterday I spent my whole day in the airport.Traveling is like second nature to me. I took some pictures from my point of view. I spent the day watching old episodes of Friends, I love that show because I can watch it repeatedly and it's always funny. I also looked at some blogs and did some online window shopping. The actual flight was quite bumpy because of the rain and strong winds. Now I'm here in Atlanta and only 3 days till Christmas! 

I'm OUTTA Here!


My flight to ATL is today and I feel I have been waiting forever to get out of here. I'm not sick of school or anything like that I just want a break to breath. When I get back from Christmas break I am off to NYC with my college dorm mates. We are going to be there for about 3 days. I have been to New York before but it had been with my family. This will be my first time going there with friends so it should be a different experience. We are going to visit magazine companies, see a broadway show and do some other fun stuff so I am extremely excited. Until then I plan to have a great time in Atlanta and get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus and have a great time with ma famille. (like my french skills? teehee)

Throw Back To Malaysia

I used to live in Malaysia a couple years ago and most people have heard about the beautiful KLCC Twin Tower and I lived about ten minutes walk from the towers. I miss my old friends everyday but I keep in touch with most of them. Malaysia is amazing and truly opened my eyes to diversity and I tired soo many new things there. Malaysia is where I grew up from a kid to a teenager. I went through my "awkward pre-teen stage" during my stay there. 


I adore Kelly Rowland and she did this dress so must justice during the 2013 Grammy Awards. This dress will have to be one of my fashion highlights of 2013. Oh! Make sure to check out Beyoncé music video's "Superpower" & "Grown Woman" because Kelly makes an appearance and she looks gorgeous in all the videos like always. 

Alexander Wang X Beats By Dre

Alexander Wang  and Beats by Dre have partnered up to make these beautiful creations. I adore anything black and gold therefore these headphones are calling out to me. They are on the pricey side but there is no harm in admiring them from afar. I even love the leather cases they come in and the gold shiny finish. 

For More Info:  Headphones & Earphones

This is the Solo HD which is more affordable mostly because it is not in the Alexander Wang   collection. I also like these because they are simple and classic. ..... .

For More Info: Solo HD



Finals week is upon us and I have been cozying up in my soft navy blue Ralph Lauren shirt and drinking so much coffee that it has become a sin. I'm done with two exams and I have two more to go. I will be finished with everything by Wednesday although my flight is on Saturday so I will have some time to waste on campus before I head out for Christmas break. I am very excited to leave school and go do nothing for a while and relax. 

If you have finals or exams coming up I wish you the best of luck!





Jacket ~ New Look
Top ~ Rue 21
Jeans ~ American Apparel
Shoes ~ Converse  
Scarf ~ H&M

Sweater ~ Thrifted 
T-shirt ~ Primark
Jeans ~ American Apparel
Shoes ~ Vans  
Scarf ~ H&M

Jacket ~ Macy's
Jean Top ~ Primark
Jeans ~ American Apparel
Boots ~ Target
Scarf ~ H&M

Head Scarf ~ ???
Sweater ~ Target
Jeans ~ Old Navy
  Shoes ~ Converse  

What's On My Mind?


College Freshmen: Dorm Room


I have been in college for about 5 months now and I thought I should post about my college room. As to be expected most college rooms are very small. Mine is tiny although with the bunk beds it recreates the illusion of more space. At first I did not like the room but it is starting to feel more comfy. I have the bottom bunk and my roommate has the top. I added the twinkly lights and they really make the room feel magical like you are always dreaming. I am really enjoying our wall art. The Marvel Captain America artwork belongs to my roomie and I am in love with it cause I have a soft spot for Marvel comics and movies.   

Christmas Wish List ❄

Christmas Wish List


A couple of things that I have my eye on. I obviously do not want them all at once but these are a couple of things I am liking at the moment. The plant pot is quite expensive from the original site but I could probably find something cheaper at Walmart and places like that. Hope everyone is having a great week!



Seeing a sunset is beautiful although seeing it from 10,000 ft in the air is marvelous. This picture does not do it justice. Must people hate flying, airports, planes because of the security checks, long lines, crying babies and small seats. I believe once you get pass all that you can truly appreciate how incredible it is to see the world from a completely different view, that we has humans are not naturally made to see but by defying nature we are able to fly. That's why I love traveling to be able to look out and see the earth and think. I also like the possibilities of going to new places and meeting new people.

Future Home Decor Inspiration


Hopefully in the future when I have graduated from college I can get my own place and I will be looking for a small apartment in a city. I'm not sure what city but I know I am about that city life. These are a couple of ideas I want for my ideal apartment. I like black, white and neutrals with a touch of colour. I prefer a calm and simple layout instead of an explosion of colours.

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