My #1 Style Icon


The one and only Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Her style will and forever inspire me. I say this a lot but most of the things she wears I am not sure I can pull it off but she makes everything look amazing. From her hair to her clothes to her makeup its all perfection. 

TV Show: Some Girls


Watch Clips From Episodes Here.

'Some Girls' is about 4 teenage girls and their lives in an inner city part of england. The show is from BBC Three. Its incredibly funny and full of real life decisions and problems we all face. We see how these girls deal with their problems in their own weird and funny way. 

My favorite character is Viva Bennett she is the main character and she is played by the lovely . Viva is a sma student and loving person but she does not have a lot of life experience so we see her gain that through out the show. I am in love with this show and I can't wait for it to come back on air. 

One Of My Fav Funny Moments:



This is an example of something I would wear during autumn. I live in skinny jeans and hoodies during the colder months so this is a way to make it stylish. I love to layer during this time as well. I've been writing a lot more in my journal so that's good. I have always seen reading and writing as therapy for the mind. 

Wish list: Michael Kors Bag


Image From Google Search.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Tote

I really need a simple big black bag and the Michael Kors Jet Set is perfect. I love the simplicity of it and how it can fit my laptop and much more. It will be a great travel bag or just a good everyday bag. 

I Went Thrifting!


New In: Acqua Di Gloia By George Armani


Fashion Inspiration: Zendaya


Her Instagram: ♛ ♛ ♛

I first heard of Zendaya from the disney show 'Shake It Up' and now I love her music. Her style is amazing. I would wear everything she wears. She can go from complete tomboy to classic feminine.

Rainy Rainy Evening


I really like the rain its soothing. It makes me feel safe and happy. I don't know why but even when I am outside and it rains I like it but I prefer to be inside with a blanket and tea.

Songs I've Been Loving


Masters In Law


I helped my mom move in for college. She is doing her masters in oil and gas law. I am so proud of her because she already went to Uni in the UK but she is going further in her education to better herself. I go to college in two days and I am kind of nervous.

Snippets Of My Life




A collection of pictures that inspire me from random blogs on Tumblr.

I want to:
~Travel, see breathtaking places
~Eat amazing food
~Evolve my style
~Meet life changing people 
~Improve my health and fitness 
~Read intellectual and entertaining books

Flowers ❀ + Skies ☁


My Photography

Writing, Thinking, Dreaming


Sometimes I like to go outside and write about stuff thats happening to me or that I want to happen. I even write some poetry or random thoughts that cross my mind. It was really hot so I brought some water along. 

Favorite Instagram Accounts

I follow a lot of celebs, youtubers, bloggers and fashion stores but these are my favorites. I always see myself liking these people's pictures more than the rest. Click on the links below and check out their pictures/videos cause I think they are really creative, beautiful and even funny. 



My Week In My Phone Photos


  • I went to see some huge sculptures
  • My drink on my flight to Texas 
  • Some palm trees I saw while shopping 
  • I've been watching the late 90's tv show 'freaks and geeks'. It's really good.
  • My ice cream come from the other day. Yum
  • Going through old records in my aunts house.
  • Nice walk and the sun came out.
  • Song lyrics from a record cover
  • The view from outside my window during my flight. 

Pencil Case


This makeup bag from F21 is now my little pencil case for school. Just a little pre back to school shopping. 

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