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Trying To Study...


I have been trying to find a new study spot because my room seems to have too many distractions. I found a place near the food area in my dorm. It is not too quiet and not too loud. It also has a window showing part of campus and the beautiful trees with their leaves changing colour. So far it's pretty prefect but things could always change. 

Brian Puspos Choreography


I was randomly looking at dance videos on Youtube then I came across this amazing choreography by Brian Puspos. There is a storyline to follow the dance which starts at //5:25// and they are dancing to one of my favorite songs from Drake's Nothing Was The Same album its called "Own It". The use of their bodies to paint a visual story is captivating and very entertaining. I absolutely love it.  

Autumn/Fall Favorites


These are a couple of things that get me through the colder months of the year. I have been loving autumn but its starting to get very cold a little too quickly and I don't like that. Although its good to look at the bright side such as the leaves changing into beautiful colours and the yummy hot chocolate I can drink all day. 
  • Body Spray ~ Bath & Body Works
  • Beanies ~ Target 
  • Hand Sanitizer ~ Bath & Body Works

New Shoes!


My mum read my wish-list I blogged about a couple weeks ago and surprised me with a new pair of white converse which were on the list. I was so excited and did not expect it at all. The little things she does always makes me happy.  

Who Doesn't Like To Travel?


I love to travel and I'm not too sure why. Maybe its the way airports make me think of possibilities of the many places I can go and the amazing people I can meet. I flew to Atlanta to surprise my brother for his birthday. He was extremely excited and didn't suspect a thing. It is nice to be with family for a little while but I head back for Uni soon. I am not looking forward to work, work and more work. I've been really stressed lately but I've decided to take life has it comes, slow and steady. 

"We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment." - Hilaire Belloc 


My photos from a collection of random times and places.

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