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I have less than 20 days till spring break which means less that 20 days till California!!! I am beyond excited and extremely ready for some warm weather. Even though spring break is getting close I am a bit sad because midterms are even closer but once I get through my exams... CALIFORNIA HERE I COME! 

New Make-Up Brushes


I recently ordered some things online and one of the things I got are some makeup brushes to try out. I don't wear makeup very often but when I do I want it to look presentable so I got some brushes to help me out. 

Find Them Here

NEW YORK TRIP VIDEO: Jan 17th - 20th 2014


I took a trip with my Media Living & Learning peers (my dorm mates) to New York. It was great to see all the various sights of the city as well as get to know more about the media business. This is a quick video that does not do any justice to the actual trip but I tried to capture as much as I could. Enjoy!

Music: Tourist


Throwback To BROOKLYN


It has been over 3 weeks since New York and I miss her every day. Even though I was there for only 4 days and 3 nights it was an amazing trip. I am currently working on a video with a couple clips from the trip. These two pictures were taking while I was on the Brooklyn Bridge and it was astonishing to see the contrast between the newer buildings and the old rundown buildings and to see how their contrast compliment each other. I guess thats one of the many odd beauties of New York. Even though I miss the marvelous city of New York everyday I am not too sad because for spring break I am heading over the the west coast. I am going to LA! It will be my first time there and I am going with my mum and we are extremely excited. We are both eagerly counting down the days.

Wish List


These are a fraction of the many things I've been obsessing over. I know it is almost spring time and I should be looking at shorts, t-shirts and all the other kinds of warm clothing but I am really liking that grey coat and the Timberlands. The sunglasses and crop top are moving towards that spring feeling... I guess.  

I hope everyone is having a great day! 



The struggle I went through to wake up today was unreal. I woke up too early at one point then I went back to sleep and almost missed my morning class. I hate mondays with a passion but I got myself a snack after my classes to make this monday a bit bearable. I got a vanilla iced cake and a little hot chocolate. Who ever thought getting only two days out of the week was enough must have been drunk or on some kind of magical high because saturdays and sundays are not enough. Sorry about this crazy rant but I hope everyone has a good monday and a great rest of the week. 

Hope this song helps with the Monday blues...



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❄ January Favorites ❄


Fashion/Beauty Favorites
I got the Michael Kors Crossbody Bag for Christmas and I have not been able to put it down since. It has been my number one go to bag for the whole month of January. I love how simplistic it is and my endless love for black and gold is embodied in this bag. I have also been using the Nude by Rihanna Fragrance and you can tell from the bottle that I am almost all out. The scent is light although it lasts for a good 8 to 10 hours. I normally don't wear lipstick... actually I just recently started wearing lipstick and I only wear it when I'm going somewhere really dressy and I've been gravitating towards this red Giorgio Armani Lipstick that my mom gave to me or more like I took it from her then asked for it later. 

Food Favorites
Nutella, Nutella and more Nutella is the way to go. I grew up with Nutella on my toast, pancakes or sneaking a spoonful of the yummy goodness and eating it right out of the jar. I found a place close to my dorm that sells it therefore the month of January was filled with the deliciousness of Nutella. I have also been loving Chex Mix and trying out their different flavors like cheddar, honey nut and so many others. It is supposed to have 60% less fat than regular potato chips but I don't eat snacks for healthy reasons if I wanted to be healthy i'll eat a salad hahaa

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