Sky High


Video & Photography By Me

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ernest Hemingway

I took this clip on my flight back from Los Angles. My phone does not really pick up the true beauty of the clouds but it was a peaceful flight back to the painful life of studying and work. I say this countless amount of times but I love to travel. I don't love traveling for the glamour of hotels and shopping (which I still enjoy) although I love to travel for the experience of seeing a part of the world that is different from your everyday reality. To be able to meet new people that you may or may not ever see again. The anticipation of the unknown and finally gaining a glimpse beyond what media can show you. That is what I think the true beauty of travel is. 



Photography via Google

Where do I even begin with Kyle? Ok... how about where I found out about his music? I follow the upcoming musician Justine Skye on Instagram and she posted a little cover of Kyle's song View From Hollywood. I instantly had to know what the song was as well as who is the artist behind it. So I did some hardcore research (google haha) and I found his YouTube video then his SoundCloud page and finally I bring you amazingness that is Kyle. 

I don't like to compare new and upcoming artists with well-known ones but it is very hard not to. So I'm going to do it anyways. By Kyle's rapping, singing and style I am not going to lie his "feel" is very similar to that of Drake but obviously not the same, he has is own persona. He even mentioned in his song Keep It Real that people compare him to Drake and in response according to his lyrics, 

        I'm over rappers who smoke weed with white girls, and get Emma Stoned
        I'm not saying they're weak
        I'm just saying they're not me
        And if like, I'm f***in' great
        I mean like, what else could they be?
        Ya know?
        They say that I sound like Drake
       I don't
                                                                                                                                                                     - Keep It Real, KYLE 

He does not want to be under the shadow of another artist and I completely understand that although people can't help but relate something new to what they already know... I guess that's just human nature. That being said, I think his music is a mixture of Drake, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino and obviously his own individuality. I see great things happening for him in the future and I can only speak for myself when I say his music is amazing and not like that bubblegum-pop-with-random-oohs-and-aahs kind of music. 

One of my favorites from Kyle is View From Hollywood and it is one of the popular songs, so give it a listen. Oh! and the music video is breathtakingly beautiful with a lot of scenery of LA. Since I recently went to LA for spring break I can honestly say the video does justice to the beauty that is Los Angeles.    

Kyle's Info
YouTube (Personal)
YouTube (Vevo)

OOTD - Graphic Tee & Denim


Photography By Me

  1. Tee  ~  H&M
  2. Denim Shorts  ~  Forever 21
  3. Shoes  ~  Target
  4. Necklace  ~  American Apparel 
  5. Watch  ~  Casio

I always gravitate towards shorts and a t-shirt and this time I decided to dress it up a little bit more with the cheetah print flats. It has been a hectic day with a lot of walking around and these flats are perfect for that. I try to choose comfort over what is "fashionable" and I feel this outfit covers both areas. 



Photography By Me

The height of spring is finally upon us and for most that means spending more time outside and soaking in the warm rays of the sun. Although for the stress-filled and procrastinate-prone college student a.k.a me, It is not only spring time but freakout-and-panic-because-of-finals time.

I have not had the time to truly appreciate the gorgeous sky and cooling breeze until today. I decided to take a break from all the essay writing and exam prepping to go out for lunch with a friend. We got Chipotle and I have gained a new found love for Mexican food and Chipotle is where its at! After eating we got ice cream and walked around enjoying the weather. I can't remember the last time I walked around not in a rush to get to a meeting or class. It was nice to take a moment to enjoy the lovely weather while it still lasts. As we walked around I got some shots of a tiny fraction of the amazing flowers blooming around campus. Spring time makes me happy but the fact that finals are two weeks away makes me want to crawl into a hole and come out when its summer. I'm EXTREMELY ready for summer break. 

I hope you are enjoying the weather, where ever you may be!   



Source: Tumblr

Black @ IU


This is one of the videos from the black at IU project featuring moi! I am extremely excited to see this project grow on my campus and shine a light on misrepresentation in our community. It is a way for black students and faculty in Indiana University to voice their stories (the good and the bad).

Check out the website: Black@IU

DJ Clock ft Beatenberg


I found out about this song and video from a post on Tumblr and I am currently loving it. The musicians featured in the song are called Beatenberg and they are a South African group and if I was to describe their kind of music I would say it is soft electronic and a little bit of pop rock. Its hard to explain but watch the video and give the song a listen. I promise you will not regret it! 

For More Of Their Music:

Liebster Award


Magazine Design


Photography & Design By Me

For one of my journalism courses we had to design a magazine spread using previous photographs we took. I thought I would share how mine turned out. Most of the text in the article is not based on my actual writing skills. I wrote down random sentences to fill in the text space for an example that shows where a well written story would go. 

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Rainy Days

Rainy Days


"Rain, rain go away come again another day" were the words running through my head when I woke up this morning to the grey skies and wet grounds of my campus. This spring is really lacking in the spring-ness of things. I am praying for the days I can walk out my dorm without bringing a jacket or a raincoat. I just want to wear shorts and a t-shirt... is that too much to ask?

Anyways, enough of my whining. I have been speeding these gloomy days in bed with my laptop as usual although I started drinking tea again as well as eating York chocolate. I forgot how much I used to love York and now I have rediscovered it I can't put them down. Since I watched Divergent for the second time two weekends ago I decided to finished the 2nd book in the series that I started ages ago. I keep making up excuses such as because I have a lot of school work (which I do) thats why I haven't finished Insurgent but honestly I forgot I even bought the book. I am almost done with it and it is amazing. There are still so many questions unanswered, which I believe carries on to the 3rd book. I have no problem with that because a 3rd book means a 3rd movie!

      this song as been getting me through these rainy days  

Indiana University Guest Speaker: Sage Steele

My Thoughts
IU graduate, Sage Steele is one of the hosts for ESPN’s NBA Countdown. She spoke on March 24th at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and she shared her story on her journey from Indiana University to ESPN. Apart from having a very demanding job that can consume most, if not all of her time she is also a mother of three.

I got to meet her the morning before her speech and she is very down to earth and surprisingly funny. I thought her speech was sincere and really shows it is possible to make it although it takes a lot of work and self-sacrifice. I thought it was brave of Steele to share how she struggled academically while in college. While talking about this she was emotional because it is a hard topic to talk about although I thought it was inspiring to know that it is not an easy ride to the top.

Click Here for an article that goes into more detail about Sage Steele and her speech she gave on the 24th of March.

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