Belle (2013)


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Belle is a story of a young mixed race girl and her life in the 1770's. She is the daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral although she was raised by her great-uncle and his wife. Her great-uncle at the time was the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales therefore she grew up in an aristocratic household. 

I recently watched the movie and the cinematic artistry is incredible and the story line is captivating and thrilling but what really drew me to this movie is the fact that Dido Elizabeth Belle was a real person and the whole movie is based on her life! A mixed race woman in an aristocratic family in the 1770's, that was unheard of and the fact that this is part of our history and this is the first I've heard about it, is mind boggling. Belle is played by the British actress, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Gugu truly brought Belle to life and her facial expressions and body language communicated a lot more to me than actual dialogue. In fact the whole cast is perfection. 

Besides it being a movie about history, it is also about a young girl coming of age and love. Who doesn't like a good love story? I really recommend watching this movie and trust me you will become as astonished as I was that this movie was actually someone else's reality. 

Celeb Style I've Been Loving


Kylie Jenner 
I love how simplistic Kylie is with her style. From her recent photos I can tell she is not into a lot of colour when it comes to her clothing and I am the same way. She uses a lot of textures like leather to compensate for the lack of colour in her clothing and I can honestly say I would wear anything from her closet on a day to day basis. 

Lupita Nyong'o
The whole fashion world was and still is obsessed with Lupita's red carpet attires and she kills it every time. Although I am more interested in her own personal style outside the entertainment world. I would describe her style has elegant and business casual, which I completely love. She makes me want to up my game and start dressing a lot more smart and sophisticated. 

 Ariana Grande
From her music to her style I am in absolute awe. Ariana style as definitely evolved from her Nickelodeon days and I am not complaining. She is quite girly in her fashion sense and if you know me I am not the most girly person so I love Ariana's fashion although I would not wear most of it but that doesn't mean I can't admire it.

Zoe Kravitz
Zoe's style is what I hope one day I will have enough courage to pull off. She is very carefree in her fashion sense and I love that! She dresses how ever she likes and she owns it. Zoe's style is ever changing but she always as that rock'n'roll touch to it.

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Tea Time Before Bed Time


Grabbing a cup of cinnamon spice tea before I hit the sack. I thought I'll give a little update on how my summer goals I set for myself are going. And so far I have accomplished absolutely nothing haha... well maybe I'm exaggerating because I am on the right track with eating healthier and working out everyday. I have gone to the gym everyday this week and I can honestly say working out is kinda fun. Wait a minute! What did I just say?! What is happening to me?! If you asked me to go to the gym with you a month ago I would have laughed in your face while munching on some chocolate but now I am heading back to my high-school ways of actually being athletic and I'm loving it. I think working out is fun mostly because I go with my brother and we get stuff done but we are always joking around and he makes it a lot more bearable than if I were to go by myself. Anyways I'm off to bed. 

Goodnight x

Haiti, I Miss You


It has been 2 years since I took my trip to Haiti with my best friend, Maria. That is insane! Time is running fast and I can't catch up. Through out this week minor things have been reminding me about my trip to Haiti and showing me how much I miss that beautiful country and it's people. I think what I miss the most about Haiti was my ability to help and actually feel like I was making a difference in the world ( I know... I know... that sounds ridiculously cheesy but its true!) I also miss my best friend so that could be another reason for missing Haiti. I wouldn't call it a vacation... definitely not as carefree as a vacation but it was fun. We stayed in hostels with bunked beds and mosquito nets so it definitely was no Hilton or anything like that haha. But once I took myself out of the picture and understood that truly helping people better their lives went beyond where I slept or what I ate, made the experience a whole lot better than anything I have ever done.

If you want to get involved in helping Haiti move to a brighter and better future, here is the name of the program (Mission of Hope, Haiti) I went with and check out their website to see what you can do to help and even go on a trip to make your own memories about Haiti.

Haiti I miss you but I'll be back one day I promise...

My Everyday Make-Up


A Quite Productive Day


I actually did a lot today and it all started by me waking up at a decent hour (not in the afternoon like I usually do during the summer  any holiday). I went to the gym with my brother and cousin and we had a great workout and I can tell cause my muscles are crying out to me in pain. After the gym I went to the pool and mostly read Americanah and listened to music, it was soothing. When we got back to the house I rested my aching muscles for a little while then we went to see X-Men: Days Of Future Past. It was mind blowing in the sense that it was amazing and confusing. I really enjoyed it and if you watch it I recommend you stay till after the credits are over before leaving because there is always a sneaky clip in most marvel movies that give you a hint about the next.  

Now I'm catching up on the may issue of vogue while sipping chai tea and writing down my plans for this summer involving future project for this blog, list of healthy foods I can eat and some other random bits. I should probably go to bed... oh well, good night x

A Little Bit Healthier


Since I've been trying to eat healthier and live healthier, my summer has been filled with smoothies (the only healthy thing I actually enjoy). 

19th Birthday Wish List

19th Birthday Wish List

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Finally! We are getting closer to the best month of the year, June (my birthday month teehee)! I thought I would share some of the things I would like for my birthday. I do not want them all cause that would be insane but these are some things I have been loving recently. I am forever grateful for whatever I may get because I honestly love my birthday cause I get to be with family and friends. I am a little terrified about turning 19 but oh well... want can I do? Once I turned 18 I knew all hope was lost. I am officially in the world of employment, paying bills, taxes and all that good stuff (If you can not tell, I am being very sarcastic haha). Anyways I am extremely blessed to be able to add another wonderful year to my life. 
  1. Canon 1100D 
  2. Beats by Dre - Headphones
  3. Gift Cards
  4. Urban Decay - Naked 2 
  5. Ray Ban - Aviator Classic Gold
  6. Ray Ban - Erika Velvet Black
  7. Daisy by Marc Jacobs 
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Take A Moment


Dream Bags

Dream Bags

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These are a collection of bags I envy and lust over whenever I read a fashion blog or magazine. My number one dream bag is the classic Chanel bag with gold hardware. Don't they all look gorgeous? 

Summer, My Love... It's Great To See You Again


My Photography

Yes, YES, YAAASSSSSS, I made it! I am done with freshmen year of college. I did it! One thing they don't tell you about college is that getting into college is tough but actually being in college is much MUCH harder. The work is not over once you get that acceptance letter, the work starts the day you unpack your first box into your college dorm.

I am writing this while waiting for my flight to board for Houston. I have a busy summer ahead of me and I have a list of accomplishments I plan to fulfill by the end of this summer.

They are:
  • Get my driver's license  
  • Start my "Where Are You From" video project
  • Get a summer job/internship 
  • Work out everyday
  • Stop drinking soda
There are many more things I plan to get done this summer. I am sure the list will keep growing but for now, the number one thing on my to-do list is to-do absolutely nothing!

OOTD - Smile


Denim Shirt ~ Primark, Shorts ~ New York & Company, Oxfords ~ New Look, Bag ~ Michael Kors

I know, I know, where the heck have I been? Sorry for the lack of posts, the fact that I have finals as a little to do with it. I have been studying for my exams and I had my french exam today and it was horrendous. I love the french language but I hate learning it. I love France but I do not want to be tested on it's history and culture. Oh well... I'm just glad its over and done with. I have two more exams till freedom aka summer! 

As for this outfit I wanted to be comfortable today but not walk out in sweatpants and a T-shirt (which is my usual exam attire). So I decided to switch the sweatpants for some shorts and the T-shirt for a denim shirt. Even though the denim shirt is light weight, it was a bad choice because I was sweating buckets the whole day (too much information... sorry?). Luckily enough, I was inside most of the time getting as much air conditioning as possible. 

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