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Wishing For A Day At The Beach

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I've been cooped up this summer. I'm either at the gym or at home. It's not completely terrible, its kinda relaxing but I want an adventure! A trip to the beach would be wonderful. I'm not used to staying in one place for a long period of time with nothing to look forward to (like a trip or an event). That's one reason I can't stand summer cause if I want to have fun I have to plan ahead whereas during the school months there is always something to do on campus its just up to me to crawl out of bed and go there. 

But who knows where this summer may take me, I still have 2 more months to come up with something...  





There's something about Saturdays that just make me happy. Even during the summer where technically everyday is like a Saturday. I started off my day with some yogurt and the June issue of Vogue. You can tell by the quality of the photos that I got a new camera for my birthday! I am extremely grateful and the thanks goes out to my parents! I also got some other wonderful gifts for my birthday and I am so thankful for everything I got.



My 19th birthday is coming to an end and I'm extremely blessed to add another year to my life. Today was filled with love and laughter. It was great to be surrounded by family and friends. Even those that could not be there made sure to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was great to get all the texts, FaceBook messages, phone calls, Skype calls and even snapchat haha. 

I just got back from watching The Fault In Our Stars movie and it was heartbreakingly beautiful. I don't want to give away any spoilers but through out the movie someone in the theater was in tears. At the end of the movie as we were all walking out people were wiping their faces and sniffing. It was amazing how we all smiled at each other (complete strangers) because of the connection of the movie, we all just watched had left us in tears but a sense of joy as well. 

Pool + Beach Essentials


These are a couple of things I need to bring when going to the beach or for a pool day. I got that swim top from Target last year so I doubt its still in stores. I love that style of waterfall swim top I think its very flattering on everyone. And I always need a good book and this novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche is amazing! I am almost done reading it and I love how honestly funny it is. 



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I could really go for a bike ride while eating some macaroons but that's not happening anytime soon so I'm stuck here writing in this chair. On a positive note my birthday is four days away!



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