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Back To School ~ Cravings
Images via Polyvore 

I know we all hate the "back to school talk" when it is technically still summer but I'm sorry cause here I go! Even though I am not excited to go back to the dreadful world of tests, exams, deadlines and studying... I am very pumped to be heading back to the dorms, seeing my friends, going out and having a good time. Surprisingly I am more excited to decorate my dorm room than anything else. I have been looking at online stores such as Esty and searching for home decor. Each time I press "add to cart" I get a bubbly feeling inside (which sounds a bit worrisome like I need to get some psychological help haha) but looking at home decor is helping me ease my way back into the life of the overworked-always-tired-and-broke-college-student.


  1. yes! that backpack is great . im such a sucker for black backpacks


  2. i love all of these pieces so much! great post x

    Natalie Off Duty

  3. Love the pieces you've picked and the theme they're all following!
    The leather backpack is my favorite!



  4. Love all of the pieces you put together! And weirdly enough I'm actually super excited to go back to school and since I'm living on campus housing this year with my best girlfriends, I am getting super excited about home decor and bedroom organization. It's literally taking over my life! And the overworked-always-tired-broke-college-student describes my life. Shopping for all of this fun stuff definitely helps A LOT.

  5. Se chic mademoiselle! Housewarming party in the future?

  6. This is such a great collection of things that I now want.... ;) xx, Tienlyn

  7. Absolutely love all your back to school picks!
    I'm also in love with your blog! Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Let me know when you do on my blog and I'll follow right back! xx


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