Back To School ~ Cravings
Images via Polyvore 

I know we all hate the "back to school talk" when it is technically still summer but I'm sorry cause here I go! Even though I am not excited to go back to the dreadful world of tests, exams, deadlines and studying... I am very pumped to be heading back to the dorms, seeing my friends, going out and having a good time. Surprisingly I am more excited to decorate my dorm room than anything else. I have been looking at online stores such as Esty and searching for home decor. Each time I press "add to cart" I get a bubbly feeling inside (which sounds a bit worrisome like I need to get some psychological help haha) but looking at home decor is helping me ease my way back into the life of the overworked-always-tired-and-broke-college-student.