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A couple weeks ago my brother scored some tickets to watch the Houston Texans' practice. My brother has been extremely excited since the moment he got his hands those tickets and my mom and I have not heard the end of it. I'm really happy I was able to go with him because he loves football and in the fall his on his way to start his freshmen year of college football. So I guess seeing the Texans practice was a way for him to get ready for his future.

I have never really been "in love" with American football but it's definitely growing on me due to my brother. I played soccer and basketball in high-school so that's where my passion for sports lie but football is slowly entering the list. We got to the Texans training camp at 7:30 am meaning I had to wake up 6-ish and the struggle to get out of bed was definitely there. My brother and my cousin's enthusiasm was what got me out of the house because I was very tired. Although getting to the camp made the excitement start to seep in. 

Once we where on the field it was great to see the team practice and go through their plays. The only down side was we had to stand for the whole practice but on the plus side the sun was hardly in the sky so it wasn't too hot. The real fun was at the end of the practice when some of the players came towards the crowd to take pictures with the fans and sign some jerseys. My brother and I got our t-shirts signed by Arian Foster and JJ Watt waved to us from the distance. JJ is my brother's favorite player so it was sad he couldn't get a picture or signature although there is always next time! And I know for a fact he will be back. 


  1. Wow this looks like a really fun event!! :)

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  2. nice event. glad to know your blog!

  3. Great pictures! It seems you had a lot of fun! ;)


  4. This must've been amazing! I've never really been an massive fan of American Football either (being an English girl I never used to even know much about it!), but my boyfriend loves it and has been playing for 9 years so it's started to grow on me too! Good luck to your brother for starting college!

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    1. thanks Alice! I'm a bit nervous for him but he will have fun x

  5. wow, looks really cool :) I've never really been into American football, because it's not a popular sport here where I live.

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  6. The most exciting part about football, in my honest and probably perverted opinion, is the "fashion". Leotards never looked so good. Coming in close second are the theatrics involved in football: the demure celebrations after a touchdown, the roar and smacking of helmets when a play is starting, and the abject horror of a fumble. Football isn't my favorite sport, but it is very entertaining.

  7. hey sweetheart

    i just found your blog! i love it so much!! you are

    such an ispirational spirit!! I love your sense of style!!

    I would be more than happy if you would like to come

    across to my blog!


    Love from Greece


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