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Put A Beanie On It

Bad Hair Day Week. We have all been victims to this. I feel it is something we all have to deal with in life. Although there is a solution... do you know what it is? To quote the great words of Queen Beyoncé, "Cause if you don't like it then you should have put a beanie on itIf you don't like it then you should've put a beanie on it." Well... she did not say those exact words but you get the idea.

Recently I have been depending on my beanies to carry me through the week. So I wanted to share this not-so-life-changing-but-amazing-dicovery with you guys. It is a great way to stay warm and look stylish without having to try too hard. It is a perfect roll-out-of-bed look. By now you guys should know I love effortless outfits and beanies can help accomplish just that.