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Hey guys! This is a long overdue post. Sorry about that! I spent last weekend in Orlando, Florida. It was also my birthday weekend and I turned twenty. It is still hard for me to believe I am in my 20's that is very bizarre. 

Day 1 - Friday: I arrived in Orlando a little early in the morning (around 10am) and my bestie picked me up. Before that I sent her a text that I just landed although I am still in the plane. A couple minutes she replied saying, "What!! You landed so early!" and from that I knew I would be waiting in the airport for a while. Maria running late per usual -_- but I love her all the same. When we got to the hotel I dropped my bags and the view from the room was amazing. We stayed at the Marriott Grande Vista. After staring in awe at view and the room. I went around the hotel to explore the pool, lake, game room, gym and much more. Afterwards we spent the rest of the day by the pool and just relaxing.

Day 2 - Saturday: My Birthday! I woke up to 'Happy Birthdays' and hugs. Maria and I  got dressed and headed over to the lake to check when we could go Kayaking. We played pool and table tennis before strapping on our life-vests and hopping onto our kayaks. We spent an amazing hour on the lake chilling then racing one another. After kayaking I was very tired. It is a lot harder than it seems, so we went back to the room to relax for a bit. When it got darker we sat by the lake under some palm trees and listened to music. It was a great way to end an amazing birthday. 


  1. omg, amazign pics :D
    now i wanna go there tooooo

  2. Wow, looks amazing! x

  3. Wow such a beautiful location for a holiday!

  4. Hi there! And thank you for your comment. I have heard about third room. But never about third cultures kids. If this a well know and well use term in the states? Tell me more if you can =)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday ♡ !

    Those pictures are amazing !
    I am going to Orlando next year, I have a good friend who lives there now. Can't to go to Floriada !

    I laughed when you said that your friends was late to pick up you at the airport lmao !


  6. what beautiful photos! look like so much fun
    XO Color Me Courtney

  7. Beautiful photos- those blue skies and palm trees make me dream away... It's fun reading about your travel adventures!!

    Bold Bliss

  8. oh wow oving the pictures, looks like you had a blast!!!

    BamBam Blog


  9. Looks like you had a really great time! You took really nice pictures as well :D
    Happy belated birthdaay x
    Jade xx

  10. Hello,

    Amazing pics ! :D


  11. Gaaahhh! I miss Florida! :)
    Your photos make me wanna go back and glad to know you had an awesome birthday!



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