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Kimono - H&M | Top - H&M | Shorts - New York & Company | Shoes - Steve Madden 

My trip to Orlando has come to an end. While posting this I'm waiting to board my flight to Atlanta. I will be posting my Orlando travel dairy soon but for now I have an outfit post. 

Taking these pictures was so much fun! My best friend, her sister and I spent yesterday taking pictures all over the resort. We got some odd looks from the other residents but we didn't care cause we were having way to much fun pretending we were models... well  amateur models. Although we did get some compliments along the way!

This outfit honestly put itself together. At this point of the vacation I had worn must of my clothes and these were the last surviving clean clothes. But hey! It worked out for the best, right? It's funny cause while I am writing this I just realized that most of this outfit is from H&M. What can I say, I love H&M and have you heard about the H&M x Balmain collaboration? I am beyond excited for that line to launch. I hope you all have a splendid monday! 


  1. Your outfit looks great, love the pop of colour from your top!
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Great look loving how you have mixed the colours.Keep in touch.

  3. Jolie top !
    Et joyeux anniversaire ! Bisous :D

  4. You look great! I'm so happy to hear (well technically read) that you had such fun time!

    She Will Be

  5. Beautiful photos hun and you have an amazing smile gorgeous!

    Love for you to check out my latest posts!

    Helen xx

  6. Amazing place!

  7. Lovely pictures! I love the orange and shorts combo.

  8. Those shoes are so amazing!


  9. Lovee this bright color on you, girl! You look amazing :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  10. Glad to hear you guys had fun despite the stares. & YES! I heard about the H&M x Balmain collab and it almost - almost - makes me want to skip over the summer to get to the fall so the line can launch. hah



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