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Coat - Custom Made | Tank Top - Charlotte Russe | Jeans - Gap | Shoes - Target | Bag - Michael Kors

Hello people! Today I bring you the very rare but existent outfit post. This summer I've been thinking a lot of increasing the amount of personal style posts on the blog although it can be difficult because I don't have a constant photographer. These pictures were taken by my mum. We spent the whole of yesterday lazing around then decided we should do something productive or that involves at least an ounce of energy. So we went to the movies and saw Magic Mike XXL. It was hilarious! I recommend you go with a group of friends or in my case... my mother. You might laugh but my mum is one cool chick! We had an amazing time. What do you guys think? Would you go see Magic Mike XXL with you mum? 


Kehlani, Kehlani, Kehlani. Remember that name because you are going to hear it everywhere. It's odd because I came across her through Instagram. I was going through my explore page then I saw her pictures and her style caught my attention. Her personality seemed really cool and most of her pictures were of her touring and performing. I clicked on the link on her bio then I entered a world of beautiful melodic bliss. Her voice is very poetic. She sings with so much passion that you start to feel like you have experienced what she has experienced. It's bizarre but amazing! Her sound is soft R&B with a 90's feel... if that makes any sense. She writes a lot of her music and if I'm correct I think she writes all of it. Her new album called "You Should Be Here" is breathtaking and each song flows perfectly into the other. In my opinion every track on this album is a hit. My favorites are The Way ft. Chance The Rapper, You Should Be Here, How That Taste, and The Letter. One song that made me cry like actual tears pouring out of my eye sockets was The Letter. That song is about her relationship with her mother and what she went thorough. Kehlani is rapidly becoming one of my favorites

Back To School Blues