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 I have been loving this remix^

Could I be any more obvious? I'm in the woods. The song Out of The Woods. Put two and two together and you get a pretty decent  post title. I don't think I mentioned, how last year Taylor Swift's album, 1989 slowly turned me into a mini "Swiftie". I'm not a super fan. Definitely not a super fan but I can appreciate talent and Taylor sure is talented. 

I just realized that recently my go-to accessory has been baseball hats. I love how they can gave an outfit that extra edge. I really had fun shooting this, mostly because of that little guy. Rocky is just 3 months old and he is getting really big really fast! He was jumping around and made it almost impossible for me to get a full outfit picture. I guess he really wanted to be in all my pictures. Gotta love that silly guy. 

Trying to figure out what he was chewing. This is so funny to me!



  1. These are such pretty photos! Love the stylish simplicity of your outfit, especially the trainers :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. Love the outfit! And your dog is sooooo cute! I love German shepherd dogs!

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