My Favorite Nigerian Fashion Designers + Brands: Pt.1

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you should know I am Nigerian. I love to use this platform to highlight the beauty my country produces and bring awareness to what Nigeria has to offer. This post is dedicated to the innovative fashion scene in Nigeria. I have complied a list of my favorite Nigerian designers and brands at the moment. It is a bit odd to take pride in someone else’s work and creativity but when I see fellow Nigerians doing great things and becoming successful, I am filled with so much joy. So sit back, relax and enjoy this post of Nigerian art in the form of clothing. 
House Of Deola 

I remember when this new collection was released earlier this year and through out my Instagram feed were reposts of Deola Sagoe’s designs. I joined the bandwagon and also reposted one of my favorites, the LOUISA dress (image below). I love how much attention to detail this collection has. The use of bold and pastel colors bring the fabrics to life as well as the intricate cutouts on the fabric, which form abstract floral patterns. Gorgeous!
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The Tarinabo Pair | Blogger:

The Gloria Blouse + The Anica Black Trousers + The Angie Dress | Blogger:

The Adelle Dress | Blogger:


Wana Sambo is amazing at mastering the fit. Each design is made to fit the client perfectly. The pictures above are evidence of that. I love the elegance of each look and the simplicity of each design. My personal style motto is ‘keep it simple’ and this brand always finds a way to produce simple cuts, colors, shapes and make it extraordinary. I also love how Wana Sambo uses bloggers and influencers to model some of their pieces. What a great combination!

Orange Culture Nigeria 
From the ready to wear to the abstract looks, I have never been so amazed by a brand’s aesthetic! According to their website, Orange Culture Nigeria is a “heady mixture of Nigerian inspired silhouettes, print fabrics, and contemporary urban street wear.” So pretty much everything I look for in a brand. The Creative Director, Adebayo Oke-Lawal has a strong eye for design and it translates beautifully into his work.  The label focuses mainly on men’s wear but from their recent Instagram posts, I think the upcoming collection will feature some women's clothing as well.


Another brand I stumbled across on Instagram and immediately had to repost. Matt Otti released a new collection sometime during March and all I can say is, ‘yassssssss!’ well… not the most descriptive word but you understand what I mean. I didn’t know I could love plaid so much until I saw this collection. It is a modern take on the classic plaid print and I am a huge fan. We all know I am not one to wear too much color at once but brands like Matt Otti are changing the way I look at color in my wardrobe. 


I haven’t seen mesh detailing done better than WangerAyu. There are so many gorgeous pieces (like in the image below) but the ones that stood out to me were the designs with mesh details. It is so minimalist yet striking. Who would have known blue would be the perfect color to go with mesh? When I think of mesh details in clothing I automatically think black or white but WangerAyu gives it that extra touch with the royal blue, which I love!

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One of my favorite bloggers, Grace Alex (IG @t2pitchy | modeling the WangerAyu TRIXY Dress and I need this whole look in my closet now! 

Images via Designers & Brands 

Shaky Beats Music Festival


Festival Season is in full swing and I got to experience my first ever music festival in hot-lanta! The heat is no joke but that is a rant for another day. Shaky Beats is a 3-day event but I only attended the second day because it is cheaper and I mainly wanted to see Tory Lanez. Even though they had a great line up and I did hop from show to show, all I wanted was Tory Lanez. Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I went with my friend Kierra and we had an amazing time. It was great catching up. What better way to catch up with an old friend than being surrounded by amazing music and an electric atmosphere? Once Tory Lanez was on stage, we ran from one of the small shows we were at to the main stage and gracefully pushed our way to the front. Well... not very gracefully. Actually, we were kind of aggressive. We were in a hurry! Don't judge. You would have done the same. We didn't get all the way to the front but close enough to enjoy the show. I am tall anyways, so I could see the stage easily. I just felt bad blocking people behind me. #TallGirlProbs
Location: Centennial Olympic Park 
How do I even begin to describe the craziness that is Tory Lanez. In one word, his performance was lit. For those that do not understand this "youth slang", in this case lit not does mean the past tense of light. According to urban dictionary, lit is when something is turned up or popping. No one says "popping" anymore but now you know what I mean. The whole atmosphere was intense in the best way possible. There is only so much I can describe, you just need to see it for yourself. Below is a video giving you a glimpse of the craziness that is Tory Lanez. Oh! Did I mention he enjoys climbing things (humans included)? 
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We left the festival early because like I said we mainly came for Tory Lanez and we wanted needed some food in our system. While walking around downtown Atlanta looking for where to eat, we came across so much street art. I love art especially when buildings are the canvas. I am not promoting vandalism but there is something amazing about seeing art outside in the real world and not confined in a frame hanging in a room for only a few to see. Anyways… I am very happy I got to experience my first music festival and it was a success! Maybe I’ll see you next year Shaky Beats. It’s been real ✌🏾️

Feyi's Updates, Fun Finds & Favorites #1

Hey guys! Today is one of my days off work. Since I only have to go into the office 3 times a week, I have more free time to relax and enjoy my summer. I wanted to start a new blog segment called Feyi's Updates, Fun Finds & Favorites. In the past, I did monthly favorites or quick updates on my life but I decided to just put the two together (me being lazy per usual).

Life & Travel
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Where do I begin? Well... this week I have been getting settled at my internship and I truly love what I am doing. I am the Digital Intern for Creative Loafing, which is a weekly newspaper here in Atlanta. I am thinking of making posts about what do to in Atlanta, since I have been spending a lot of time in the area. We will have to wait and see.

 Fashion & Beauty 

There has been this trend in the makeup and beauty community with achieving a bronzy gold highlight on the cheeks, which I have to admit is something I have been trying out. Recently, I am really into trying out new makeup and stepping out of my comfort zone. I decided to test out this trend by using Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Highlighter Duo and mixing it with my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. I apply the bronzer and highlighter then mix a little of the gold eyeshadow from the Naked 2 palette. After a lot of blending with an angled brush, the picture above is an example of how it turns out on a good day. 

I am always finding new music and I love sharing music with people. The number one song that has been on repeat from the moment I heard it is Everyday by Ariana Grande featuring Future. I can tell her new album is going to be amazing just from hearing the singles, she has been releasing. She is definitely changing her image to be more adult and sexy. I have always liked her music and seeing her go from a child star to a young women also means I'm getting old too. 

Running Errands

Top - Charlotte Russe | Watch - Wristology | Jeans - ASOS Tall | Shoes - Target 

Hey there! Today I bring you a quick outfit of the day. I spent the day working on some last minute things for my internship, which starts tomorrow. I can't wait! I have a mix of emotions but mostly excitement. Thanks to my brother for driving me around today and taking these pictures. Did you guys notice anything different? I'll give you a minute. 
Okay, have you figured it out? If not, I am going to tell you anyways. I got a new lens! It is an early Birthday present. I got the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens and so far I love it. The only problem I have with this lens is it can't zoom but that's okay. I love how crisp the pictures are and the blur of the background. 


Fist Pumping & Sunny Skies - Playlist


I told you guys in my pervious post that will be going to a music festival this summer but I did not mention which festival. I will be attending Shaky Beats Music Festival in Atlanta. I am beyond excited! I will only be attending the second day, which is May 21st. The whole music line up is incredible but I mainly going for Tory Lanez. I am in love with his sound. He is part of that new wave of  artists that make you question,"are they singing or rapping?" Which I love. Above is a playlist with some of the talents that will be performing and some songs I have been loving lately. Enjoy! 

Images via Shaky Beats, Google Follow