Mint & Stripes

Hello people! Today I bring you a winter to spring transitional look. The weather has been playing games with me. Last Thursday felt like summer and today we are back to freezing temperatures. That didn't stop me from wearing my new jacket from SheinWhat you don't see is my huge black coat I wore over this outfit. I wanted to show off my mint jacket, so I braved the cold for these pictures, #DoItForTheBlog. I wanted to mix up my typical black and white look with a pop of color and I think this jacket did the trick. What do you guys think?

Jacket - Shein (here) | Top - Primark | Jeans - H&M | Boots - Target | Sunglasses - ZeroUV

In collaboration with Shein

Looks Like Spring Came Early (Well...Kinda)

Don’t let the sun and my smile deceive you. It was still cold when I took these pictures. We are going through the awkward season transitional stage, where it looks like spring but feels like winter. I’ve been walking to class with my shades on and a smile on my face but once a gust of freezing wind hits me in the face, it’s a reminder that its still winter. It’s like the wind slaps me in the face to let me know,“Hey Fool! It’s only February, don’t put your boots away just yet.” Even though, spring isn’t here yet, I can still live in my false reality. 

Jacket - Old Navy | Jeans - American Eagle | Shirt, Scarf - H&M | Boots - Target | Sunglasses - ZeroUV

Photography - Memoirs Of Melanin

Rise Above Your Mistakes - Inspire Week 2017

Nothing gets to me more like the things I did wrong, the chances I did not take or the people I hurt. That’s why today, I want to share with you the importance of rising above your mistakes. I can think of numerous moments in my life, I wish I did things differently. I wish I did not send that hurtful text or I wish I applied for that scholarship. I stumbled across this quote the other day, “My past is my past. It made me who I am. I have no regrets and I wouldn’t change a thing.” To some extent, I agree with that statement but we are lying to ourselves by saying we have "no regrets". We are human. Of course, we have regrets. Of course, there are mistakes we made we wish we could take back. I believe the best way to rise above your mistakes is to accept them and move forward. Saying, “I have no regrets” is another way of lying to yourself. Taking ownership of what you have done and choosing to approach life differently can forge a brighter and better path. 

Mistakes, regrets, disappointments and doubts are like dark clouds constantly hovering over your head. Personally, every time I want to try something new there is always that negative voice reminding me of my failures or mistakes of the past. The best way to overcome failure is to keep trying. If you want to apply for a job don’t let the mistakes of your past stand in your way. The more you try there is a higher chance you will succeed. Maybe you hurt someone close to you? It is up to you to be the bigger person and make amends. Even if that relationship can not be salvaged, there is no harm in trying. The first and most important way to rise above our mistakes is to try. Nothing can be accomplished without trying. Do what you can and do not worry about things you can not control. 

Most importantly, remember that your mistakes do not define you. Your failures do not equate your self worth. You control the kind of person you want to be. Mistakes of the past are in the past for a reason. Do not hide or shy away from your mistakes. Take ownership of what you have done and use strength to move forward. You are strong and do not let anyone tell you otherwise.  


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My Top 10 Shoes For Winter


I have been doing my typical Saturday online window shopping. Emphasis on the ‘window’ part of the shopping. I’m trying to cut back on spending. I noticed how many pairs of shoes I had in my shopping cart.  Every time I check out someone’s outfit that I like and always start with looking at their shoes then the rest of their outfit. Is that weird? Anyways, these are the current shoes I’ve had my eye on this season. What are your favorites?