“Take off the jacket”
“Babes… mans not hot”

If you don’t know where that reference is from that needs to change (watch this). I love when a meme turns into a song. I’m not going to lie I actually really like the song and I find it hilarious. As of right now the music video as over 8 million views in less than 24 hours. When the internet wants something to go viral is goes VIRAL!!! I would like to say today’s outfit is inspired by the song but that would be doing the most. Always remember NEVER take off your jacket…. why? BECAUSE MANS NOT HOT!

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Jacket - Old Navy | Hoodie - H&M | Leggings - Target | Shoes - Puma

My Top Picks From | Wishlist

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This wish list is giving me heavy autumn vibes. Well… expect for #2 but with the right outerwear, it can be made to fit the cooler weather. If there is one thing I love during autumn it would have to be sweaters. Gamiss has some really amazing sweaters and I like how they have pieces you can not find in other places. which makes it a little more special. #3 is currently in my shopping cart and it is taking my last ounce of strength not buy it. What are some fashion pieces you have your eye on this season? 

Be The CEO They Want You To Marry

Welcome to Marveling Mind 2.0!!! I’ve been messing with the idea of changing my blog layout. Finally bossed up and took the risk. What do you think? When I think of my future and my career, my blog always comes to mind. Eventually, I want to turn Marveling Mind to a creative space for others to contribute and for it to grow into a business. When I read this quote somewhere on Instagram, “Be the CEO they want you to marry,” it really resonated with me. The idea that women can only marry into success pisses me off. Don’t get me wrong, I think marriage is a beautiful thing. It is amazing to find someone that is your partner and your teammate through life’s obstacles. Someone to share unforgettable moments with. Although, I do not respect women that marry for status and wealth. I love seeing women succeed in their fields and in the workplace. That’s why I am making a conscious effort to work tirelessly on my career goals and for me marriage does not equate success. I believe marriage is to spend your life with someone you love, respect and truly care for. To use someone as a means to gain success is disrespectful to them as well as disrespectful to yourself. You should love them for who they are not for what they have.  

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Sweater - Rosegal c/o (here, similar here & here) | Jeans - Old Navy | Boots - Target | Hoops - Rosegal c/o (here)

Nothing Like A White Tee & Ripped Jeans

Happy Sunday! This past week has been a crazy busy one. Time is flying by and I am trying to do as much as I can before I graduate. Today, I had Brunch with my friends, Sabren and Yassmin. We spent a lot of our time laughing and planning towards our futures. It is amazing having friends that push you to be your best self. The last picture you can see Yassmin interrupting my mini outfit shoot. I love that picture so much I had to include it. Sabren was behind the camera and she also gave me the shoes I am wearing a while back. Aren’t these boots stunning?! Still don’t know why she didn’t keep them for herself. I’m not mad because I love them. The boots really completed the whole outfit. I wanted something simple yet stylish. That’s why you can never go wrong with a pair of ripped jeans and a white tee. These jeans are from fashionnova. I’ve heard a lot of great things about their jeans and I love these. Although, I ordered two other pairs that didn’t fit me well (tall girl problems). Anyways… I need to start my homework and get ready for another crazy week.  

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Earrings c/o - Rosegal (here) | T-Shirt - H&M (here) | Jeans - FashionNova (here) | Boots - Bjorndal (here) | Glasses c/o - Zaful (here)

Get Ready With Us | Q&A


I know, I know... it has been a month since I last uploaded. Sorry! I've started school and my new internship. It has been a struggle balancing everything. But, I'm back! Here is a video I filmed over the summer with my Aunt Stacy and our unexpected guest (my cousin, Amaya). Enjoy!