Girlfriend vs Sister

We had so much fun filming this. Guess who won?!

"It's all good babyy bay-bee"

Today’s post is dedicated to one of the Kings of Hip Hop! The past couple of months, I found myself listening to 90’s rap and R&B. I started listening to a lot of Tupac, Whitney Houston, Snoop Dogg, N.W.A, Outkast and so much more. Then I stubbled across Juicy by The Notorious B.I.G. and the nostalgia hit me hard. Then I listened to more songs by Biggie and I found a new appreciation for his music. I became fascinated and did some research about how he got started and how he died. My fascination obsession got so bad that I started looking up what happened to his family because he had two kids before he passed away. If you are wondering his kids are doing very well for themselves (wow... I am so weird lol). His life and how he poured his experiences into his music is inspiring. Even though, he had flaws he wasn’t ashamed and owned them. The late 80’s and early 90’s was an amazing time for music and black empowerment. I was born in the 90s but I was way too young to appreciate the music. I love how Biggie spoke about serious issues like systemic racism but also had "feel good" songs. Amazing artist! 

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Chicago Travel Diary + VLOG | What I Did & Wore In Chi-Town

During thanksgiving break, I visited the windy city! I didn’t know Chicago was called the windy city until my friend, Andrea told me but stepping out of O’Hare International Airport I could see and feel why. Even though, I spent most of my trip moving my hair out of my face (thanks to the intense winds) I fell in love with Chicago. There is nothing like visiting somewhere for the first time. I had an incredible time with my bestie, Andrea. It was great catching up and seeing her do the whole “adult-ing” thing. The main places we went to where, Cloud Gate  The Bean)Chicago Cultural Center, Sky Deck (Willis Tower), so pretty much all the typical tourist spots. Watch my vlog to see what we got up to. Can’t wait to visit Chi-Town sometime in the future because I am definitely going back!